5 TAARA LYRICS – Diljit Dosanjh Punjabi Dance Song

5 Taara Lyrics: Diljit Dosanjh’s new Happy-Breakup Song in Panj Tara theka featuring Tris Dhaliwal, composed by Jatinder Shah and written by Ranbir Singh.

Peg peg karde ne botal main chaadi
Tu ki saanu chhadna ni assi chhadi yaari
Tu ki saanu chhadna ni assi chhadi yaari

Raati peeke daaru naare
Yaara paaye ni khalaare (paaye ni khalaare)
Tenu dil vichon kadd ke main seena thareya
Ni tera saara gussa..

5 taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa
5 taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa
5 taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa..

Feeling’an ‘ch sunle romantic song ni
Tere naal yaari sochi betha live-long ni
Pyaar da bukhar tainu ohna chir chadheya
Jinna chir jatt di si jeb strong
Haaye ni jeb strong ni..!

Goliyan Lyrics Diljit Ft honey Singh

Tere naal si khichaiyan
Facebook te main paaiyan
Tere naal khichvaiyan
Facebook te main paaiyan
Teri kalli kalli photo te delete maareya
Ni tera saara gussa..!

5 taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa
5 taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa
5 taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa..

Chakve brand jehre paundi kaint-kaint ni
Gift’aan ‘ch behke bajja yaara da hi band ni
Sannu refuse keeta choose tu vilaitiya
Khufiyan report’an ni tu jaana England
Haaye ni jaana England ni..

Jhute kar kar hug chali jatt nu tu thug
Jhute kar kar hug Ranbir nu gayi thug
Mera karke hawai paariyan hi saareya
Ni tera saara gussa..

Panj taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa
Panj taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa
Panj taara theke utte behke taareya, Main tera saara gussa


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Within just lately Insomnia has become appearing as one of the very best health risks in every worldwide. A current report released because of the various health study company inside UNITED STATES OF AMERICA expresses which almost all your functioning specialists no matter if women and men suffer from Sleep loss that is certainly insomnia. Effectively, with this regard your credit goes to the particular developing perform stress at work in addition to operating night time using far more workloads outside of the restriction. This smooth the best way for different health concerns which can flip fatal when appropriate precaution safeguard is not consumed on time.

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Here, require to keep in mind that men and women could possibly endure sleep loss caused by numerous causes, starting up extra perform strain, for you to strange standards of living. As a result each and every achievable effort must be extracted from your current part to be sure a fantastic sleep during the night. Within this value, there is several medical pills tend to be inundating the marketplace of which declare to unravel all your asleep difficulties along with make you fall into deep sleep quicker, although here the primary problem will be that will many of these odd pills has a a number of a higher level unwanted effects which may be dangerous to well being. Within this respect, soot hung peaceful new music can certainly do the trick in your case of which by natural means make sure an audio along with healthy sleeping to your account.

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As a result, in the process it enables you to have a appear rest throughout nights. Mr Riyan Judd is considered among the major new music experienced therapist who not simply compose new music by his own, but in addition execute an elaborate exploration on how audio can easily treat one’s body and mind from inside. Thomas has been the treatment of quite a few affected individuals exactly who are enduring sleep problems and also giving all of them appropriate health-related advising about what sort of very good songs remedy might help in minimizing sleep problems.

Many people get benefited via his treatment by simply obtaining his / her number of tranquilizing calm songs, that’s widely available by their internet site ‘helping Myself Insomnia’. You can find many thorough information about this problem.